Zuniel Melendez

General Manager

Born in San Francisco, CA raised in Miami, FL, this little spitfire started working as a hostess at LoKal when she was 17 years old. She found herself craving more responsibility, and saw herself growing with the company’s expanding opportunities. She has since been groomed in every position, both in the kitchen and front of the house. Her ambitious nature, creativity, and tenacity landed her as the General Manager at KUSH in Wynwood. She’s truly remarkable in her ability to lead, and sets the highest of standards for herself and her staff. Outside the restaurant she’s a lover of craft beer, fishing, and a perfect pair of shoes.


Cameron Camacho

Beverage Director

A native of Hialeah since birth, Cameron was formally educated at Boston College, and when she graduated was writing for a local Miami magazine. She entered into the hospitality realm like most well educated graduates do – as a Starbucks Barista. But her days as a Barista were numbered as she began to crave new experiences within hospitality, which lead her to craft food, craft beer, and locally sourced restaurants. Naturally, she landed at KUSH and used her prior experiences to earn herself the position as beverage director where she builds relationships with local breweries and stocks KUSH with the best of the best. Excited to be part of the hospitality industry, she’s looking forward to witnessing the “craft beer gold-rush” going on in South Florida, and giving new brewers a chance to hit the taps at KUSH. On her days off you can find Cameron curled up to a good book with her Jack Russell Terrier, Henry, spending time with her beloved family, or exploring the latest and greatest in theater, art, and music.


Nicole Rivera

Shift Leader

Kush’s new Shift Leader, Nicole, brings 15 years of industry knowledge and experience with a profound love of good food and craft beer. She’s Columbian/Italian, born in New York, but raised in Miami—a multicultural transplant like most of the locals here. Her passion for hospitality runs deep to a familial connection to her Grandfather who passed on his zest for life, community, and delicious food. When she’s not working hard at Kush you can find her spending time with family, cooking, drinking craft beer, or biking around the city.


Gabriel Esquijarosa

Executive Chef

Gabriel – or ‘Gabe’ as we all refer to him – is a product of the corporate kitchen, but grew bored of the mundane routine. He trained with Chef Spider at Lokal before coming on board at Kush to help form our creative menu, and family style environment. His playfulness in the kitchen has resulted in many of our incredible dishes, and has set a great example for his kitchen staff. Work hard, play hard. When Gabe is at play he is usually indulging in his love affair with Star Wars, getting new tattoos, or cooking up something special while drinking a craft beer.


Andres Bello

Sous Chef

Andres – a.k.a. ‘Dre’ – is a Nicaraguan born chef who was raised in the states. He inherited his skills in the kitchen from his grandmother and aunt, but his passion for food was the driving force for making it a career. Creativity in his dishes and preparations set him apart from all the rest, he has a certain joie de vivre or cheerful spirit that is infectious. Dre is a multi-talented individual, and when he’s not in the Kush kitchen he is producing music, songwriting, designing graphics or on the hunt for the perfect pair of Jordans. Music is a lifelong passion for him, and he uses both the kitchen and fresh beats as his canvas for expression.